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Helium number foil balloon/ Bouquet  £15 - £22

34 inch foil £15 single digit or £22 double digit, personalisation, ribbon, weight & decoration included

Latex balloons £2.50 each

Foil shape £4.50 each

Foil character £6 - £15

Helium Ceiling- £3 per balloon

Weight- 50p each

Personalisation- £2 per balloon


The floating fairy bubble £30 - £36

A 24" helium filled bubble balloon with personalisation £30

Add Fairy lights £3

Add Mini balloons/feathers/confetti £3


Number cluster or bubble cluster £30-£70

32/40inch number foil, bubble or foil shape on a bed of balloon clusters including decoration/theme


Extra small with birthday foil- base of 8 small balloons £30

SMALL- Base of 8 balloons

 single digit £45 or double digit £50

MEDIUM- Base of 12 balloons

single digit £55 or double digit £60

LARGE- Base of 16 balloons

single digit £65 or double digit £70

Add name personalisation to your display for £3!


Stuffed balloon cluster from £45

18 inch stuffed balloon with a cluster- bespoke to provide contents- £45 or price depending on contents ...

Filled with Chocolate and/or sweets £52


Delivery £3 within East Grinstead. Other areas we will calculate in your quote


Collection FREE from East Grinstead





We are professional balloon artists and use the highest quality biodegradable balloons & equipment.


Please make sure you have adequate ceiling height for our equipment.

 All our equipment is for HIRE only.


Delivery, set up & collection will be calculated depending on location. 


If Command Hooks are used for freestyle garlands please ensure your wall is suitable. No liability will be accepted by us if any damage should occur. Please allow 1 - 2 hours for set-up of our displays.


For Terms and conditions please see website 


COVID-19 guidelines are strictly adhered to by Balloon Chic Boutique. 

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